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Contacts:Manager Shen


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  • Professional technical team

    Three mechanical designers, Two electrical engineers, One drawing, CNC programming and operation several



    Have domestic advanced hardware production equipment and testing equipment. Production equipment include: machining centers, CNC lathes, general car, milling machine, CNC wire cutting, surface grinding machine, high frequency heat treatment equipment. Test equipment include: projectors, los thermometer, Coordinate Measurement Machine


    Quality standard system

    Commitment to customer quality standard is: don't let the unqualified materials into the factory; Don't let the unqualified semi-finished turn sequence; Don't let the unqualified parts factory; Quality is the golden rule, no quality, no benefit, no quality, no dignity.

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  • Liyou machinery long-term recruit workshop operators wages: Negotiable address: Shaxi Town, Taicang City Requirements: strong stability, can bear hardships and stand hard work telephone number: 13913776958

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Contacts:Manager Shen        Phone:13913776958        Address:Taicang City, Shaxi Zhen Zhi Tang Town Street No. 132

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